Meet the band

Hi we are the Waverley’s. We are based in Malmo Sweden, and we are very happy people.

We play in clubs, restaurants, pubs, hotels, golf courses, barns, boats, streets and just about anywhere we can find people.

" Whit's fur ye'll no go past ye"

Martin Berwick

Guitar & lead Vocal

Martin plays guitar and is the lead vocal – He takes his inspiration from his father Shaunie Berwick, a great harmonica and folk singer who started the original Waverley’s band back in the swinging 60’s.


Martin has his roots in alternative genres of music and brings some of this raw energy into his guitar playing which is mainly centred around the deep and sustained DAGDAD tuning

Jonathan Raleigh

Bodhran & Vocals

His father Mark is Irish so Jonathan’s main influence comes from visits over to the Green Isle.

Martin & Jonathan are the original members who formed  “The Waverley’s” in 2008 along with former band member Albin Roslund.

Helga Asgeirsdottir

Fiddle & Vocal's

Helga is Icelandic and is classically trained on the violin She is one of the original band members having joined the band in 2008.

Markus Sjoberg

Banjo Mandolin & Vocals

Markus joined the band in 2010 and is Banjo Mandolin & Vocals influenced mainly by bluegrass.

He plays a variety of stringed instruments. His style of play adds a unique rhythm and feel to the overall band sound.